PAGID Brake Pads

PAGID Racing supplies high performance friction materials to sports car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari and Porsche. In racing its products are used at all levels from the club racing competitor up to professional and factory-backed GT, sports car and touring racing teams.

PAGID pads are produced in a total of seven different material formulations - each one, the product of hours of testing and development work.

PAGID brake-pads are designed to fit original equipment or to act as an upgrade for various powerful production vehicles.

PAGID is a leading supplier for asbestos-free Racing brake-pads for all Porsche Motorsport categories. Producing an ideal braking performance during competition is one of the most important requirements needed, to decide between winning and losing.

The Pagid brake-pads are available in several different composites:

Yellow: An ideal partner for long-distance racing, it has an extremely low wear rate and is highly durable, especially when the brakes are in continuous use.(Long-distance).

PAGID RSC1: Sprint Race and Track Day compound for all known Types of Ceramic Brake Discs. This friction Material features an ideal Combination of cold friction, fade resistance and low thermal oxidation of the disc surfaces fibres.

for Porsche > 911 > 991.1 > Carrera 2S (294kW / 400PS) > Brake Systems


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