Waterjacket Sets

Waterjacket sets compliant for the following Porsche models:

- Porsche 996TT
- Porsche 996GT2
- Porsche 996GT3/GT3RS
- Porsche 997TT 3,6L MK1
- Porsche 997GT2/GT2RS
- Porsche 997GT3/GT3RS 3,6L MK1
- Porsche 997GT3/GT3RS 3,8L MK2 / 4,0L

- Better liner cooling due to larger water jacket (2-times)
- Higher stiffness
- Allows bore size up to 108mm

Waterjackets are either available as new units or in exchange (customers parts will be machined)

Price Net Export: on request
Part No: R97WAKAN

EXCHANGE (OEM water jackets must be supplied)
Price Net Export: onr equest
Part No: R97WAKA

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