performance Software

CARGRAPHIC performance Software provides an individual ECU programming
tailor made and dyno tested for each application. Stage1 / Powerkit1 is always an ECU remap whereas from Stage2 / Powerkit2 onwards combines an ECU remap with CARGRAPHIC exhaust components or further engine modifications. These packages are all dyno tested for maximum performance, power and torque ensuring all safety features for the engine and drivetrain are still activated.

performance Software - Made in Germany

for Porsche > Cayenne > 958 > 958.1 Diesel V6 > Engine Upgrades

Powerkit 1-Factory: 176KW (240PS) and 550Nm<br>Modified: 206KW (280PS) and 650Nm

Powerkit 1Factory: 176KW (240PS) and 550Nm
Modified: 206KW (280PS) and 650Nm

Powerkit 2-Factory: 176KW (240PS) and 550Nm<br>Modified: 221KW (300PS) and 674Nm

Powerkit 2Factory: 176KW (240PS) and 550Nm
Modified: 221KW (300PS) and 674Nm


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