performance ECU

The new performance ECU - the best for your engine.
Unlike other simple Tuning boxes the new performance ECU delivers an impressive power enhancement by optimizing the fuel injection duration instead of increasing just the Turbo or Common Rail pressure. Latest processor technologies of the performance ECU allows precise real-time fuel control throughout the full RPM range - always in addiction to the vehicle's specific reference signals. All engine failure monitoring functions of the factory ECU are remained and still active. Further advantage is the easy installation with OE plug-in connection which also allows it to be removed traceless.

for Porsche > Macan > 95B > 3,0l V6 S Diesel (190kW / 258PS) > Engine Upgrades

performance ECU-Factory: 190KW (258PS) / 580NM<br>
performance ECU: 217KW (295PS) / 650NM

performance ECUFactory: 190KW (258PS) / 580NM
performance ECU: 217KW (295PS) / 650NM


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