Electronic Lowering Modules

Cargraphic electronic lowering modules are designed for cars with OEM air suspension systems. The electronic lowering module allows a suspension lowering of up to 40mm (+/- 20mm) from the stock setting, which improves the appearance of the vehicle and reduces the centre of gravity for improved handling. The original height adjustment switch and functionality are retained, and many electronic lowering modules feature plug and play installation with no wire cutting / splicing required. The electronic lowering module comes with all necessary mounting components as well as detailed instructions.

Product Advantages:

- Electronic lowering module with all necessary connectors
- Retains OEM suspension geometry and suspension modes
- Easy to install / remove
- Some applications available with "plug and play" adapter
- TÜV approval
- OBD and EMC compliant

for Porsche > Macan > 95B > S > Suspensions

Electronic Suspension Lowering Module-For Vehicles with air suspension

Electronic Suspension Lowering ModuleFor Vehicles with air suspension


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