In 1984 car enthusiasts, Thomas Schnarr and his brother
recognized the great demand for spare parts for classic
English and Italian sports cars like Austin Healey, Jaguar,
Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini or Ferrari in their home
region in Landau in the Southwest of Germany and
founded CARGRAPHIC as a specialized spare parts retailer

Equipped with a Nissan Patrol and a hooked up trailer Thomas Schnarr starts
his tour across Europe to buy and pick up OEM manufactured parts and pieces
and provide the growing community of classic sports car drivers with required
spare parts in Landau and shortly later across Germany. The great success of
the young company brought the decision not only trading parts but also to
restore complete cars.

For this reason, a suitable company building with enough storage space and
an integrated workshop had been required and found in a former factory
building in the centre of Landau.

Because the restoration process was not only limited in replacing broken
pieces but also by improving known weak points with complete new and
intelligent constructed parts, CARGRAPHIC became well known for
perfectly rebuilt classic sports cars with every day usability.

 The winning of the FIA GT European Championship
 of Historic Sport Cars
documented the high quality of
 CARGRAPHIC restored automobiles.

 With this kind of experience, Thomas Schnarr recognized
 the great effect a skilfully developed exhaust system has
 on performance output and driving pleasure.


Together with Simon Young, an absolute stainless steel expert, Thomas founded
Phoenix Performance Exhaust Ltd in the South West of England to
independently develop and produce CARGRAPHIC exhaust systems.
Where regular exhausts at this time often made out of standard steel with no
attention to details, CARGRAPHIC stainless steel high performance systems
offered a much better performance, a lifetime durability combined with the
most beautiful sound.

The development of a stainless steel sport catalytic  
converter as a direct replacement for the common
ceramic pendants with a much better performance
and even with a more environment-friendly emission
output makes CARGRAPHIC to one of the top leading
exhaust brands for the Porsche model series and
other high performance brands.

Based on expectations of the performance orientated
customer clients of Porsche enthusiasts, CARGRAPHIC
enhanced its program to the now existing product
portfolio. In cooperation with leading Porsche race car
teams and Porsche racing series, CARGRAPHIC develops
high performance exhaust systems for all air- and water cooled Porsche models
starting with optimised motorsport manifold sets up to individual modified silencer
systems for highly noise restricted race track requirements. (CARGRAPHIC exhaust
system are also the most important components of incredible powerful performance
upgrade kits.)

CARGRAPHICs product line, beside or better complementary the performance
exhaust systems, starting with CARGRAPHIC’s own one- and three-piece design
wheel collection, incredible CARGRAPHIC power upgrade kits over BILSTEIN
coilover suspension in exclusive CARGRAPHIC specs to CARGRAPHIC design
carbon fibre aerodynamic kits demonstrate CARGRAPHIC’s claim to make good
cars not only powerful but really better in every way.


Please contact us for further
information or individual assistance.


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