CARGRAPHIC’s home base in Landau, in the south west
of Germany near the French border, is perfectly located
right between Frankfurt (140km), Mannheim (50km),
Karlsruhe (40km) and Stuttgart (110km).
Due a short distance to the Autobahn, Landau, with its
approx. 45000 inhabitants, combines small town high
living quality with all economic benefits of these four metropolitan areas

The company headquarter facility in Landau contains 900sq meter stock,
175sq meter office split up into 6 office rooms, 285sq meter workshop with
ability to separate the working zone from public area for confidential prototype
developing and 175sq meter of modern design sales area with customer
friendly bath/toilets rooms and a coffee bar. The parking area for 10 cars is
in front of the building.

Development and workshop services 

New exhaust applications or complete new accessories
like the CARGRAPHIC AirLift or the Active Sound
are developed and engineered by Thomas
Schnarr assisted by CARGRAPHICs head technician
and CARGRAPHICs design engineer.
The prototype models are test fitted, measured and if
required reworked in house.

CARGRAPHICs modern and fully equipped workshop,
with three new hydraulic ramps, a tyre changer and a
balancing machine, offers the capability of full maintenance service including
OBD2 diagnosis for all Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen Group models.
Complementary installation service for the offered exhaust systems, wheel
and tyres, suspension kits and performance upgrade offered to the customers.
2016 the long-term business relationship with BILSTEIN has been substantial
enhanced by being now an official “BILSTEIN Fahrwerks Experte”
(BILSTEIN suspension expert)

Since February 2017, Mr. Torsten Kremser is the new head of CARGRAPHIC's
workshop department. Despite his young age of 28 years, he achieved his
master mechanic titel and great international experience through out his work
for a well known Motorsport company and race team. Having him on board CARGRAPHIC's workshop department gains even more quality and customers
will benefit from CARGRAPHICs experienced first class all around service! 

Wheel assembling

CARGRAPHIC three-piece wheels are tailor
made as per individual customer demands
and assembled handmade in house from
special trained technicians by motorised
assembling tables and highly accurate
centring instruments.

Sales and Stock

CARGRAPHICs competent, multilingual and
highly motivated sales team serves enquiries
from all over the world.
A quick response time and a friendly consulting
are key features of CARGRAPHIC‘s sales team.
All staff members are emotional connected
with the automobile subject whereby the
relationship between the customers and the
sales team get a much higher quality.

CARGRAPHICs sales team is perfectly supported by CARGRAPHICs
stocking department. With their trained eyes and their good technical
appreciation, our staff people enable a correct control of the goods
coming in and going out. Their great overview capability guarantees an
efficient stocking system and smoothly progress


Please contact us for further
information or individual assistance.


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