This CARGRAPHIC AirLift system has originally been developed for the 997 Porsche series and will be provided in combination with a BILSTEIN B16 suspension kit.

To overcome an obstacle on the road like speed bumps, ramps or to drive onto a car park ramp is not a problem anymore. With the CARGRAPHIC AirLift system, the front of the vehicle can be lifted up to 55mm at the wheel (72mm at the frontspoiler lip) to provide additional road clearance. The air bellow unit will be fitted underneath the suspension  camber plate and does not affect the choice of wheel- and tyre combinations.

The PASM function is still in use. The function of the high performance BILSTEIN suspension kit is retained unchanged.

The CARGRAPHIC Airlift system is available in 2 versions:
- As complete kit including BILSTEIN B16 suspension
- As an upgrade kit for factory or aftermarket coilover suspensions.

The Advantages of the system:
- No reduction in boot space
- Light weight: approx 3kg / 6.6lbs
- No limitations to the driving performance.
- Short assembly time: approx 3hrs
- System uses an onboard Air Compressor; no hydraulic fluid inside car
- Max. air uplift requires 15 seconds, increasing the components longevity
- System works up to 30mph / 50km/h there after automatic lowering proceeds
- Control is either with a remote or a built-in switch
- TÜV Parts Certificate

The product range is still expanding, with further vehicles from various car manufactures joining the ranks of our new product generation.




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Videos: Airlift-Test in Hockenheim with Walter Röhrl